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What It’s Like To Be A Contestant On “Take Me Out,” Despite Being Gay And In A Relationship

I was invited to take part in a rehearsal, stepping out in front of all the women from the current series. It was one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever had.

Take Me Out / Steven Peskett / Thinkstock

I was in Maidstone to find love.

Take Me Out is recorded there. You know Take Me Out. A bloke goes down the “love lift” and has to impress 30 women in front of an audience, girls hit “no likey” if they don’t like him, and Paddy McGuinness tries to relate two objects for no reason. You at home, feeling guilty that you are actually enjoying this show, proceed to drink an entire bottle of wine or longingly stare out of a window.

You’ve probably wondered what it might be like to be a contestant. Well, they need rehearsals to ensure the live show goes without a hitch. And as the girls and guys can’t see each other before the real thing, they have a stand-in guy to be the bloke. Usually the guy is a member of the production team. That day, it was me.

Steven Peskett / Take Me Out

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