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Published on November 1st, 2014 | by Admin

This “Old White Man” Loves Dancing At Hip-Hop Parties And The Internet Loves Him

Turn the sound up on this for full enjoyment. Although be warned, NSFW language.

This clip of an old guy dancing his heart out has gone down a storm on Vine.

(Hit the volume icon to turn the sound on).

At the time of writing it has been played over 8.5 million times and received 55,000 likes.


The man in the video has since been named as Roger Pollard and it turns out he has a rather incredible Instagram page:


The og_pollard account describes him as “That ‘Old White Man’ taking over every dance floor in the bay area one at a time”.


According to Vibe magazine, most of the dancing videos take place at a San Francisco venue called The End Up.

Pollard is said to be a regular at the Sundaze parties every Sunday.


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