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This Halloween Costume Has An Unexpected Twist That Will Blow Your Mind

TAKE A SEAT. Halloween 2k16 has been won.

Facebook user Matt MacMillan posted this video today, along with the caption “I can’t wait to scare trick-or-treaters tonight with my costume”:

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Matt MacMillan / Via Facebook: video.php

At first glance, you’re just like, “It’s a cute pumpkin. K.” However, if you stick around, you’ll see there’s more.

A chair!?!? A chair with a real live human being inside?!?! Straight-up terrifying.

Matt MacMillan / Via Facebook



Matt told BuzzFeed, “The video is from our work party. I made it using plywood, foam, vinyl, and leather, with a pulley system that lifts the head piece when I’m standing. I’m an engineer and I love making goofy costumes.”

Matt MacMillan / Via Facebook

His goal is to “hide in it tonight and scare people.” Well played, Matt. Well played.

His goal is to "hide in it tonight and scare people." Well played, Matt. Well played.

Matt MacMillan / Via Facebook

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