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These Children Of The ’90s Trying To Explain ’80s Cartoons Will Depress You And Make You Feel Old

Watch in horror as two people who were born in ‘89 and ‘92 and somehow managed to attain adulthood encounter ’80s action cartoons for the first time. How do you not know who He-Man is???

Jack: All right friends, let’s talk about our favorite ’80s action cartoons!
Erin: I was alive in the ’80s for two months.
Kayla: I don’t know much about the ’80s, except for Tina Turner and The Cosby Show. And Madonna.

Jack: Who would you guys say these people are?


Kayla: G.I. Joe?
Erin: I like the man in the leotard in the back. “Man-O-Tard.” I also know this is G.I. Joe, but only because of the viral YouTube sensation.
Kayla: The man in the denim vest is UNF worthy.
Erin: These look like The Village People. If all the Village People were in the army.
Kayla: It’s fun to stay at the A-R-M-Y.
[Editor’s note: The “guy with the leotard” at the back is Scarlett. She is a counter-intelligence specialist.]


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