Cat saves child from dog attack !

Cats are usually pretty good at ignoring whats going on around them unless there is something in it for them. This one however is one brave muggy ! On seeing a dog attack the child of ... Read More


These guys are insane !

It’s amazing what human beings will do for a thrill, and the size the cajones on these guys would take a large measuring stick. Put this on full screen and watch the whole piece. Amazing !!... Read More


Some excellently random pictures

The interweb never fails to come up with a bunch of random fruit cakes doing what they do best. And what they do best is a complete mystery. What the hell are they thinking ... Read More


What wasps are made of

Click on picture to view. It’s that time of year again when all of Gods creatures get a fair shot at annoying you. This captures the waspy attitude perfectly. Go annoy someone else you stingy little ... Read More


A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

Coldplay seem to have been getting a lot of unjust flack for this track as far as we’re concerned. All the usual comments about ‘selling out’ and it being more Avicci than Coldplay. Who cares….. it’s ... Read More

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