26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

‘Cuz there’s nothing like oPUNning night. Don’t do it. instagram.com This sassy Jean Valjean. assholedisney.tumblr.com This depressing Les Mis truth. Via theonethatgotleftbehind.tumblr.com This unavoidable situation. incompetentantagonist.tumblr.com View Entire List ›     ... Read More


28 People Who Are Too Dumb For Their Own Good

Here we go again. Ryan and his history lesson: Via slumz.boxden.com The owner of a meat oak ass: Via unsuccessfulmetalbenders.tumblr.com Laura and her conspiracy theories: Via chris-the-host.tumblr.com Jack and his hard-hitting questions: Via trendzified.net View Entire ... Read More

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