32 Cats Being Utter Twats To Dogs

Cats will do whatever it takes to show dogs where they stand in the household hierarchy. Even poo on them. This cat who is rubbing in the humiliation of the shame cone. reddit.com This cat who ... Read More


23 Reasons Nobody Likes Turning 23

What’s my age again? Turning 23 means you’re at the bottom of the “twenty-something” totem pole. 21 is basically the B-side of our teenage years, and 22 is just a mess. 23 is when it really ... Read More


21 Texts Every Introvert Has Sent

Heyyy, I think I’m getting sick! Probably won’t make it tonight. When someone invites you out: Lara Parker for BuzzFeed When discussing your pet peeves: Lara Parker for BuzzFeed When you were expecting it to be ... Read More


23 Secrets Supermarket Employees Won’t Tell You

There’s really nothing super about it. You do a lot more than just stand at a register. In fact, it’s likely you’ve been cross-trained in multiple departments. Alcon Entertainment / Via halpertjames.tumblr.com The “find everything OK?” ... Read More

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