Weddings On Instagram Vs. Weddings In Real Life

I do… use filters. Ocean view weddings on Instagram. instagram.com Ocean view weddings in real life. Via reddit.com The ceremony on Instagram. instagram.com The ceremony in real life. Flickr: matthewblank / Via Creative Commons View Entire ... Read More


27 Texts Only Basic Girls Will Understand

I literally can’t even rn. When they found a new treat: Lara Parker for BuzzFeed When they’re having a rough morning: Lara Parker for BuzzFeed When they’re making weekend plans: Lara Parker for BuzzFeed When they ... Read More


31 Dog Reactions For Everyday Situations

Dogs. They’re just like us. When your roommates asks how you’re enjoying the gluten-free vegan lasagna she spent two hours preparing: lolsnaps.com When someone bends over on the subway and you see a very unwanted butt ... Read More

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