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50 Dogs Dressed Up For The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’s Marnie. instagram.com This pretty doggie. instagram.com This Christmas tree. instagram.com The pup covered in Kris Kringle’s cloak. instagram.com View Entire List ›       ... Read More


The 25 Most Important Selfies Of 2014

One year after becoming the official word of 2013 , the “selfie” is now officially mainstream. Here are 2014’s most significant. The Ellen at the Oscars selfie. Revealed later to be a promotional gimmick for Samsung, ... Read More


23 Signs You Used To Be A Server

Once a server, always a server. Your ability to carry so many things in one hand is unmatched. You clear plates at a dinner party without even thinking about it. Your reflexes are SCARY quick. MTV ... Read More

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