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Neal Caffrey


Neal Caffrey

played by Matt Bomer

Charming, and sophisticated, Neal Caffrey is one of the world’s greatest con artists. After escaping from prison – and getting caught by the man who put him there in the first place, Agent Peter Burke – Neal strikes a bargain: in exchange for his freedom, Neal will help the FBI catch the most elusive White Collar criminals in the country.

Since then, Neal has walked the line between his role as a top FBI asset and his old life as a criminal mastermind. Though Neal’s actions haven’t always been above board, over time, his relationship with Peter has deepened into a real friendship and he has slowly come to realize he has an honest life worth keeping in New York.

However, good intentions don’t always amount to good deeds, and as Neal has struggled to stay on the right side of the law, he has often hurt those closest to him. The recent return of his fugitive father had Neal revisiting a chapter in his life that he had long thought closed, but Neal’s family reunion ended in tragedy when his father shot a corrupt senator and went on the run, leaving Peter to take the fall.

Now, Neal’s attempt to make things right will put him in a compromising position with an old adversary. And when one audacious act sets off a chain of events that have consequences for everyone around him, it will leave the con-turned-consultant questioning just who he is at heart.

Actor Bio

Matt Bomer stars as Neal Caffrey in the new USA Network original series White Collar.

Bomer’s television credits include a lead role in the ABC series “Traveler,” and recurring roles on the NBC series “Chuck” and the FOX series “Tru Calling.”

In feature films, Bomer starred in New Line’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning,” and appeared in “Flightplan” with Jodie Foster.

Bomer received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. After college, he moved to New York, where he worked on stage until landing roles on television.

Bomer currently resides in Los Angeles.

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