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Grandpa Joe From “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” Is The Internet’s Most Hated Man

A deep dive into one of the internet’s most peculiar grudges.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that we need villains to make sense of our world, and Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is, somewhat inexplicably, the internet’s villain of choice.

In the story, Charlie’s family is impoverished — his mother works while Charlie’s four grandparents are bedridden (in the same bed). When Charlie wins the golden ticket, it is Joe who accompanies him to the factory.

On Facebook for instance, a page called The I Hate Grandpa Joe From Willy Wonka And Chocolate Factory Page currently has over 10,000 fans. Recently, the page polled its fans to ask, “what is it that Grandpa Joe does that annoys YOU?” and the responses ranged from “bein a little bitch,” to “I hate his hair and his nightgown.” Some, however, were more devastating:

“The fact that he even has “tobacco money” is a goddamn travesty. The family can barely afford a bowl of cabbage soup for a malnourished growing boy and yet this fuck squirrels away cash to smoke his worries away in the immediate presence of not only said boy but three other invalids who surely shouldn’t be exposed to secondhand smoke. No, go ahead and enjoy your cheeb, Grandpa Joe, while literally every other member of your family is on death’s doorstep, except you, you lithe, slick dancing con man”

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