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“Gilmore Girls” Explained By Someone Who Never Saw It

It’s time to revisit the adventures of Rory and Momma Gilmore in the magical town of Storybook, New York.

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Matthew Perpetua: OK, who are they? What’s their deal?

Cates Holderness: Those are the Gilmore Girls. The younger one is named Rory Gilmore and the older one is her mom.

Matthew: Do you know where they live?

Cates: In the hopes and dreams of a generation of young women.

Matthew: Fair enough.

Cates: But to answer your question, no. I assume it’s a town with a dumb name like Storybook or something.

Matthew: Any idea where in the country it is?

Cates: I’m gonna guess upstate New York.

Matthew: Close enough.

Warner Bros.

Matthew: Who is this guy? What does he do?

Cates: That guy is probably a former hometown football hero love interest for Momma Gilmore. He spends a lot of time chopping wood and probably smells like a 1994-era Abercrombie store.

Matthew: What’s his personality like?

Cates: He looks like the kind of guy who’s quiet and sarcastic at first, but once you get to know him he’s got a heart of gold. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his family, and even though he might not always say it aloud, he does little things to make you feel loved.

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