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21 Times Siri Outsmarted All Of Us

Siri, do you love me? No. That time she recited a poem: instagram.com And the time she knew the true meaning of life: instagram.com When she knew how fabulous she was: instagram.com And when she got ... Read More


13 New Taylor Swift Lyrics Decoded

What is she really trying to say with her new album, 1989 ? We’ll take this way too far / It’ll leave you breathless / Or with a nasty scar Song: “Blank Space” Getty Images for ... Read More


28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Can you get through this post without laughing out loud? The alternative spelling: i.imgur.com The heavenly bullying: marriedtothesea.com The lover’s wait: i.imgur.com The gotcha question: i.imgur.com View Entire List ›       ... Read More


The 17 Most Majestic Things That Ever Existed

Revel in the serene beauty of mother nature’s greatest creations. Witness, the majestic wolf interact with his zookeeper with the utmost grace and poise. Flickr: tambako imgur.com imgur.com View Entire List ›       ... Read More


32 Cats Being Utter Twats To Dogs

Cats will do whatever it takes to show dogs where they stand in the household hierarchy. Even poo on them. This cat who is rubbing in the humiliation of the shame cone. reddit.com This cat who ... Read More

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