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Americans Try To Guess The Meaning Of Filipino Words

“Beyoncé’s ‘Partition’ is about getting kikay in a car.” Warning: slightly crude language ahead!

Thinkstock / Via Matt Ortile / BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Philippines gathered two BuzzFeed employees from Los Angeles and two from New York to try and guess the meaning of some Filipino words and slang. Their answers were pretty reasonable. Wrong, but reasonable.

“a kind of bug?”
“it sounds like something that would crawl on you.”
“like, ‘get this astig off my face'”
“yeah, I think it’s a kind of bug that attaches itself to your butt”
“ass tig”
“i still think it’s garlic”
“true, yes. an ass bug.”
“an ass bug that lives off of garlic”
“maybe it smells delicious like garlic”
“it tricks you cause it smells good, then it latches on”
“yep, that’s it”

Actual meaning: When you say something is “astig,” you’re saying it’s awesome or cool.

“A ‘scrub’ if you will”
“yes, an amboy will try to holler at you when you’ve dropped your metro card”
“he sits on his broke ass”
“he just like ambles up to you and tries to invite you to his mom’s house for dinner”
“or like, a boy in the a.m.”
“oh yeah, he could be very punctual”
“an amboy had to borrow his sister’s bike because his car broke down so he rides up to you on a tiny bike with a basket and it’s embarrassing for everyone”
“with one of those bells on the basket, hopefully”
“and he forgets to bring you a helmet”
“yeah he’s like ‘ding ding i’m an amboy‘ and you’re like ‘no'”

Actual meaning:Amboy” is a portmanteau of “American” and “boy.”

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