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67 Thoughts You Have While Walking Through Michaels

Because Michaels is synonymous with magic. And crack.

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1. Ooooh, this shopping center has a Michaels! Maybe I’ll just pop in for a minute.
2. Look at all of these different-sized jars, how cute.
3. I should get one in each size just for…you know, just ’cause.
4. Omgosh, 30% off card stock?!
5. It’s so messy in this section.
6. Okay, I need to go back and get a basket.
7. Wow, mustache duct tape.
8. Need it.
9. Look at all of the designs, wowwwwww.

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10. I really want to scrapbook that trip to Mexico I took with the girls.
11. These embellishments are so cute!
12. Margarita stickers, hayyyy.
13. This paper is so perfect for those sunset pictures.
14. Oh my gosh, how sweet are these baby shower scrapbook papers?!
15. Is anyone having a baby soon?
16. Hmm, I’ll just get them and save them for another time.
17. 20 cents each?!
18. What a damn bargain!

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