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44 Thoughts You Have When Shopping At Bath & Body Works


20th Century Fox Television

1. Okay, I just need body lotion. That’s it.
2. OMG, it smells so good in here.
3. Wow, that sales person is super cheery.
4. Of course, I’d be too if I worked at HEAVEN.
5. No, I don’t need a bag.
6. It’s too much temptation.
7. I’ll fill the whole damn thing.

New Line Cinema

8. All right, now where’s the body lotion?
9. Heyyyy, that scent sounds good.
10. Where’s the tester for it?
11. I’m so freaking excited.
12. Ahh, it’s magical, fantastically, wonderfully magical.
13. I NEED IT.
14. Just one bottle, though.
15. Well, maybe two. It looks like a seasonal scent.
16. I’m being smart by stocking up. Like I do with Costco.
17. Wait, I gotta try this scent, too.
18. Yep, I need that one as well.
19. This is happening.
20. I’m slowly falling into the vortex that is Bath & Body Works products.
21. Just gonna get two bottles of that as well.
22. OK, my hands are full.
23. Maybe I do need that bag after all.

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