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39 Questions We Have About Health At Hogwarts

There has to be a potion to take care of Firewhisky hangovers, right?

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1. How do witches and wizards actually work out?

2. Is there even a gym at Hogwarts? Does the Room of Requirement turn into one for the students who really want to get swole?

3. Or is Quidditch the only choice of organized physical activity?

4. How good of a workout is Quidditch anyway? Like, it engages the core to stay on the broom sure, but is it enough to get fanfic-approved Quidditch AbsTM?

5. And are people encouraged to use Quidditch as a workout if they’re not on a team? Like, are there recreational broom-riding classes à la SoulCycle that meet once a week to do rigorous ab work while flying laps around the pitch?

6. Do Houses go through phases where they try the newest fad workout together? At any given time are there groups of students attempting to do WizFit in their common rooms?

7. Do students just transfigure random objects into the weights and equipment at the school lacks?

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8. Do overachievers do sprints on the moving staircases? Or make obstacle courses out of them? How many accidents has this caused?

9. Does dueling burn calories? Or spell work in general? Surely keeping your wand aloft for extended periods of time has to count for something?

10. How many Giant Squid-related accidents have there been due to students trying to swim laps for a bit of aerobic exercise? Has anyone ever fallen in when running around the lake?

11. Is any of this exercise even needed or can students just spell their way into being fit? Can you engorio muscles???

12. Are there performance enhancement spells or potions?

13. How’s that regulated, anyway? Because Harry was certainly never randomly drug tested before a match with Slytherin.

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