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25 Words That Have A Whole New Meaning When You Live In London


Success = Getting off the tube right in front of the exit. Let’s do this again.


Usually means: Handy moving stairs that are basically everywhere.
In London means: Handy moving stairs that are basically everywhere AND YET SOME PEOPLE DON’T SEEM TO KNOW HOW TO USE THEM.

Getty Images/Hemera Jose antonio Sanchez reyes



Usually means: Romantic engagement.
In London means: Getting drunk and bitching about your jobs.

Burn Later Productions / Via taking-amyrorydoctor-into-space.tumblr.com

“The South”

"The South"

Usually means: Anything below Birmingham.
In London means: Anything below the river. Mostly Estate Agents.

http://fuckyeahselenagomez.tumblr.com / Via giphy.com

“Cereal Cafe”

"Cereal Cafe"

Usually means: An slightly silly novelty.
In London means: The next front in the culture wars.


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