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21 Things People Who Are Actually Gluten-Free Are Tired Of Hearing

"I couldn't live without bread."

No, we’re not doing this for fun.

“I couldn’t live without bread.”

Eh, you’d manage.

20th Century Fox / Via gifhunterress.tumblr.com

“Can’t you just cheat?”

"Can't you just cheat?"

NBC / Via giphy.com

“But what if you only had half a bagel?”

"But what if you only had half a bagel?"

Then I’d get sick :/

AMC / Via i.imgur.com

“Are you just doing it cause it’s trendy?”

"Are you just doing it cause it's trendy?"

Nope! I was gluten free before it was cool. People who have Celiac Disease cannot break down gluten; it can lead to diabetes, cancer, and other serious conditions if you’re not careful.

New Line Cinema / Warner Bros. / Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions / Via reactiongifs.us

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