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17 Sexting Horror Stories That Prove Hell Is Real

“My boyfriend’s parents DROVE TO MY HOUSE to show my parents our dirty screenshots.”

Comedy Central

“My boyfriend and I are in high school, and though we’re waiting to do the dirty, we sometimes sext. The day after our most explicit conversation, his parents (who are super conservative and Mormon) decided to check his phone. Instead of having a talk with their son, they DROVE TO MY HOUSE and had a long chat with my parents, complete with screenshots of our texts. We haven’t sexted since.”


“I was on the phone with my long-distance boyfriend, messaging him pictures while also texting about work with a girl from school. So I took a picture of my ~downstairs~, and my boyfriend said, ‘I didnt get anything.’ That’s when I realized my worst nightmare had come true: I sent the picture of myself to this girl. I SCREAMED into the phone, apologizing to her immediately. She was cool about it, but I hope I never run into her.”


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