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15 Times Millennials Screwed Up In The Most Millennial Way

They don't use Siri properly:

Kings/queens of fails.

They don’t use Siri properly:

Twitter: @CeciMula

They can be oblivious:

They can be oblivious:

Twitter: @mayrasendejo_

Twitter: @SialeGang

They’re too quick to send pics:

They're too quick to send pics:

Twitter: @WhiteKidCanJump

And emails:

And emails:

Twitter: @CBMSt1

They’re vague:

They're vague:

Twitter: @JorjiIsAwesome

They assume everything’s about them:

They assume everything's about them:

Twitter: @decentbirthday

At all:

At all:

Twitter: @Miisssliz

They don’t follow directions:

They don't follow directions:

Twitter: @adam_cook2014

They don’t always think things through:

They don't always think things through:


They don’t take care of their things:

They don't take care of their things:

Twitter: @SamerButi

Ugh, millennials.

Ugh, millennials.



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