19 Times Ikea Went Way, Way Too Far

“Don’t get this one. I farted in it.” When they sold this weirdly explicit wall art. When they felt that this clarification was needed on their cinnamon buns. And on their hot dogs. ... Read More


19 People Who Probably Just Started World War III

UNFORGIVABLE. What kind of monster does this. Twitter: @lady_gabbar Unforgivable. Twitter: @CringeLMAO WHY? WHY?! If someone pulled this shit, there’d be hell to pay. Twitter: @MorganBucholtz View Entire List ›       ... Read More


17 Dicks You Wish You Could Get Your Hands On

Dick pics come in all shapes and sizes. This cute little Dick: Twitter: @Kali_kitty_ And this cuddly little Dick. Twitter: @BabyNewport_ This Dick that likes to be pet: Twitter: @Vlog_Epicness And this erect Dick: Twitter: @1oldlostsoul ... Read More

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