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The 17 Worst Things About Going Back To School

1. Going back to school. Going back to school can be difficult: Via You knew the summer was winding down and the inevitable was coming: Via Yet still managing to get up and go ... Read More


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21 Kids Who Shut Down Picture Day

Don’t even try to compete. Literally reaching for the stars. He knows he’s got it. It’s not easy getting old. America View Entire List ›     ... Read More


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23 Dads Who Really Didn’t Think Things Through

#dadfail This dad who should’ve known better and was then put on blast. This dad who needs a beer right about now. The dad who should’ve realized that this store wasn’t exactly kid-friendly. ... Read More


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20 Times Pokémon Accidentally Became Poképorn

“Catch ‘em all” takes on a whole new meaning. When this Ampharos got intimate with some Mareep. OLM, Inc / Via That time Heracross touched Bulbasaur’s special place. OLM, Inc / Via When Professor ... Read More

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