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23 Dads Who Really Didn’t Think Things Through

#dadfail This dad who should’ve known better and was then put on blast. This dad who needs a beer right about now. The dad who should’ve realized that this store wasn’t exactly kid-friendly. ... Read More


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20 Times Pokémon Accidentally Became Poképorn

“Catch ‘em all” takes on a whole new meaning. When this Ampharos got intimate with some Mareep. OLM, Inc / Via That time Heracross touched Bulbasaur’s special place. OLM, Inc / Via When Professor ... Read More


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25 Secrets Night People Won’t Tell You

Sleeping is overrated. Taking Tylenol PM can cause crazy trips when you don’t fall asleep. FOX / Via Seeing sunrises is common, but not from waking up early. Naps are cool again. Remember how ... Read More


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22 Youths Who Need To Be Stopped

Go home, youths. You’re no longer welcome on this planet. The kid at a bowling alley, playing a bowling game on his iPad. The youth who wasted a perfectly good sandwich. You don’t throw sandwiches, ... Read More


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26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand

‘Cuz there’s nothing like oPUNning night. Don’t do it. This sassy Jean Valjean. This depressing Les Mis truth. Via This unavoidable situation. View Entire List ›     ... Read More

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